Growth Resources 

There are so many great resources available to us today, both locally and online. If yopu have an interest in knowing more about certain aspects of Christian Life,  we would love to help guide you to them.

If you are in the Sarasota-Bradenton area, the best way to start growing and learning about God is to come to services in person (every Sunday at 10:30am). There is nothing like being in aplace with the anointing of God present. You cannot replicate it sitting at home. We challenge you to step out and try a visit or two. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised just how great church can be.

Our services are every Sunday at 10:30am at 1872 18th St, Sarasota FL EEUU. We’d love to meet you. You may also watch online, if you can’t attend in person. We also offer our ‘Established/Establecidos’ Discipleship School, offering foundational discipleship both in person and online. Advanced classes are offered in person at the church.

However, we also understand that some people live outside our area and may not have a good, solid church available to them. If you don’t live in our area, we encourage you to get look for connect to a local congregation in your area. The personal relationship with a local pastor is invaluable! And no, he won't be perfect, but the pastoral office was established by God Himself, and pastors are anointed to serve. Plus you'll never get a long-distance TV preacher to come do a wedding or funeral, or even do offer some needed spiritual guidance.

If you don’t have a local church where you can attend and grow, we would love to steer you to some great resources. Below you'll find some great Bible Schools and Ministries where you can connect and be fed, regardless where you live.

These are some great Bible Schools available, and some are online. Please understand that there is a great variety of prices and beliefs. These are just a few of the ones we are confident will guide you well:

In-Person (our favorites):

  1. Charis Bible College, Colorado EEUU, Andrew Wommack,
  2. Rhema Bible Training Center, Broken Arrow, OK, Kenneth Hagin, (also located in Spanish in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, and many other countries.
  3. Christ for the Nations Institute, Dallas TX, Gordon Lindsay
  4. New Life Bible College, Cleveland TN, Norvel Hayes

On-Line & Correspondence:

  1. Charis Bible College Online, Andrew Wommack,
  2. Oral Roberts Online Bible Institute, Oral Roberts, Tulsa OK,
  3. Rhema Bible College Correspondence, Kenneth Hagin,
  4. New Life Bible Correspondence College, Norvel Hayes,

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